Thursday, 13 December 2012

happy birthday kristen

a dear friend of mine lives in sweden and today is her birthday.

kristen-i wish with all my heart i could wrap up 27 presents like a did back in taiwan..and take you to get your nails done (although you're just as pro) and then i'd take you for a walk with rubi and you'd laugh (as much as i do) when you see her 'gallop' through the long grass sniffing at the latest animals droppings...then we could have a bbq (oohh yeaH) and maybe some lamb chops, out on the deck overlooking the beautiful harbour.

although we live miles apart our friendship remains the same.

i would like to wish you the happiest of birthdays and let you know how very dear you are to me.
i love the way you see the world. i love your attention to detail. i love your laugh. i love how much you care for people. i love your desire to know God on a deeper level. i miss you so.

this is a picture of us somewhere in Europe next year, the night-riders strike again.
we travel light with only one suitcase between us, seems realistic..haha

“True friends are always together in spirit. (Anne Shirley)”

i hope you have the loveliest of days because you deserve it.



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